Saturday, March 2, 2013

Green Clean Roof Greenhouse ..What a concept

                                 I hate plastic, I love glass. I love greenhouses, I hate plastic..

Recently I ran across an article about an underground greenhouse with only the roof above ground. The inside was clearly cozy, but the view from outside was less than lovely..plastic sheeting. My greenhouse is plastic, so I get it believe you me, there are not many choices out there. While thinking of cheap ways to obtain glass..
My thoughts ran to these slumped bottles I found on Etsy

I think one could use these or slumped wine bottles as a clear double-walled roof tile, laid out as one would Spanish tiles and wired into place. I'd love to try this idea out on a small scale. The sculptural properties of these bottles would be so much fun to work with. I find this concept worthy of the obvious time and expense for another purpose, a clean rainwater collection surface. Most roofs are not food safe, glass is. I think water collected off this type of roof would be cleaner than most. Where you store the water offers another myriad of  possibilities. Ponds are choice one... how nice it would be to know the water going into it, is not laced with roof goop of some kind. >(pond next to underground greenhouse not being recommended)< Clay pipes which are also clean.. are a good choice to move water to the correct spot for pond or water storage of choice.
Below are the images that inspired this idea.


This one is amazing.

How to on making a slump mold to make your own shapes

Okay I did a test here is my new info;
This idea is an art a first test in sunlight, it was clear to me that bottles like this block too much light for some greenhouse uses in some climates. A fun idea if you are trying to defuse the sun in a sun room, room would still be very well lit and make a wow art statement. I still plan to try a small roof for a shed or shade house for clean water collection. 

New application ideas would be a wire fence covered with the flattened bottles laid out in Spanish tile pattern. I like the idea because you could sort of see through but still have light and privacy. Some fences block light and limit the types of plants one can have inside their yard. I found some great fence ideas while continuing my reserch and foud this blog; 

some examples that show a fence that gives privacy and allows some visibility and light through the fence.


  1. I'd love feedback from people who have done bottle slumping.

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