Friday, March 1, 2013

Facebook is over

  So I am a facebook addict I suppose. I can't really say anything too bad about it tho..In fact it has inspired many many wonderful things and I love knowing that old friends are now reachable..some whom I had lost to time. 
   I've quipped my ass off, I've shared shameless bullshit and pearls of wisdom, seen new baby's, found music humor science. 
   Downside..ugg ads, trollers with toxic reactions. There are lists of friends you can omit from your daily posts, your shameless game play, photo albums, political views, religious as not to offend. OOpsay I posted to everyone. I decided ..make a page for that. So I post some stuff to one page and some things to another page. If you like the page you may like the post. I'm trying, trying not to annoy or offend one person or another...but fuck, I'm complex. 
    Facebook pages are my second trap. I have a few. Each one was me trying to make a hub for an idea, a place where we could talk about that..on our own. 
     Lots is shared, some jewels to be sure. We lose many of our notes, insights and revelations when we comment there, when we write in the wind. I decided to keep this stuff. It's good, it's my diary, just when I thought I'd lost interest in keeping track of the day to day..the things that always seem so amazing years down the road. Even diary's of trackers from the 1800's seem riveting, maybe this will be good someday.
     I don't want it all there on facebook..I want some here.
     You'll be seeing more sketches of my garden work, hearing my chronicles as the gardens I plant grow..  by no surprise I'm sure.
      I intend to live up to my childhood moniker "Cindy Appleseed". I'm trying to get a camera, because these days they say; if there is not a picture it didn't happen. 
  Mining for jewels, not just like it but love it..write about it, promote the DO'ers out there. Glean jewels together. What I love is how we all see the same thing differently, the jewel and it's many facets completes a different picture for each one who views it. 
  I want to write you a letter everyday, because I know I need you to help me figure the world complete me when you agree or dis-agree and tell me what you really think of my muse d'jour.
                                Random is my middle name.
                                   I'm old and need glasses

This is my new home base for opinion, sharing, some general everyday shenanigans. 

I am no scholar, can't spell, have awful grammar ..damn I like that, think I'll keep it. 

I will change and so will you.

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